How AI is Revolutionizing Arabic Text Extraction Solutions?

Apr 24, 2019 2:02:14 PM

Brussels, Belgium & Dubai, UAE

Moonoia, SquareOne Technologies and Kleptika are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to deliver AI-powered solutions, enabling customers to automate document processing and accelerate digital transformation. Moonoia is an established Belgium-based provider of document management services and creator of docBrain - an innovative technology and platform for data extraction and document analysis that uses deep learning and neural networks to read difficult content automatically, including Arabic handwritten and/or typed text. Kleptika is a leader in delivering ecosystems of AI solutions, supporting industries in the MEA region to bring their customer experience and process efficiency to the next level of intelligence. SquareOne Technologies is a leader in enterprise information management, helping organizations in the Gulf Region manage structured and unstructured content and company data.

About the partnership

Moonoia has deep expertise in developing innovative technology solutions to solve complex document processing challenges for use cases where traditional OCR/ICR technology fails to deliver acceptable results. Harnessing the power of its award-winning AI platform docBrain, Moonoia's AI experts help train purpose-built neural network models with automated learning capabilities to extract data from structured and unstructured documents. The partnership places docBrain within an ecosystem that ensures it seamlessly integrates with robotic process automation, mobile and other technologies, helping customers to achieve straight-through processing and delivering end-to-end solutions for document workflows. Customers can now solve their most complex document processing challenges, such as reading handwritten script in both Latin and Arabic alphabets, bulk document classification and data extraction, and recognizing text from damaged or degraded documents and images. docBrain delivers unparalleled accuracy rates for document classification and data recognition, enabling organizations to save money, improve productivity and take friction out of their business processes.  

Quotes from partners

“We are glad to announce our strategic alliance with Moonoia and Kleptika - we see a lot of synergies in this partnership as it tremendously helps us strengthen our portfolio in the Enterprise Information Management space. Our team at SquareOne over the last decade has developed into a leading force in this part of the world and working with organisations automating processes, documents and data.” Ghassan Surkhi, Strategic Advisor, SquareOne Technologies

"The one-of-its-kind docBrain platform is the missing link to create a comprehensive ecosystem that delivers end-to-end automation of document processing, operating seamlessly with RPA platforms and digital touchpoints. Being able to finally understand and analyse any type of hand written or printed Arabic documents is a real AI revolution for the region." Thierry Petrens, CEO, Kleptika

“Our mission is to deliver scalable, easy-AI solutions powered by our robust docBrain platform which enable customers to improve efficiency, reduce friction and extract better value from their document-centric processes. Today, docBrain's AI-engine provides the document classification, data extraction and recognition technology which augments a number of business processes, including processing medical and insurance claims, invoices, know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) documents, archived documents and images. We are proud to partner with SquareOne and Kleptika: their consultancy expertise in delivering high-value, innovative digital transformation solutions and docBrain's secure, scalable AI platform create a win-win for our clients - whatever their industry, wherever they are located". Geert Truyen, CEO, Moonoia

About Moonoia

Moonoia ( delivers innovative, cost-effective document processing services and is the creator of docBrain: the award-winning platform for document-centric AI solutions. With its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, Moonoia has delivered AI-powered solutions for clients around the globe, optimizing document-centric business processes for industries as diverse as insurance, logistics, energy, finance and healthcare.

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About Kleptika

Kleptika ( is a Dubai based company. It delivers solutions that bring intelligence to Customer Experience, with a strong focus on the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Automation throughout all the digital touchpoints. Its expertise is currently used in multiple verticals such as Insurance, Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Legal and Logistics.

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About SquareOne Technologies

SquareOne ( by virtue of its deep understanding of Content Management and Business Intelligence practices helps organizations manage, secure and make sense of their content and data in creative ways. We empower businesses to grow faster, minimize costs, reduce information governance and security risks by improving business insight and efficiencies across industry verticals.

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