docBrain partner program

A rich ecosystem

docBrain relies on a global network of partners - system integrators, consultancy firms, BPO companies, (RPA) software providers - who deliver technologies, subject matter knowledge, data science skills and business consultancy expertise, while having the ability to develop their unique docBrain-enabled intelligent automation solutions.

docBrain’s partner enablement program includes pre-sales, marketing, technical and professional services support, as well as rigorous platform training in Moonoia's AI Master Class.


Moonoia partners


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A powerful tool

The docBrain platform enables its partners / operators to:

  • Integrate AI technologies into customers' systems to develop and implement unified AI strategies at enterprise level
  • Train AI models from the bottom up using customer datasets to address specific document processing and data extraction challenges 
  • Select and use off-the-shelf models from the catalog for standard document processing tasks
  • Design, deploy and manage powerful solutions for all or part of end-to-end document workflows
  • Re-engineer entire business processes to differentiate from competition


Flexible business models & Partner-set pricing

There is not a one-size-fits-all pricing model for every solution. Our partners have the flexibility to determine the price level for their docBrain-enabled customer solutions according to their own product portfolio and sales strategy, local and regional competitive alternatives, and customer demand. Whether usage- or project-based, our pricing plan provides a predictable model both to manage operational costs and to forecast revenue growth.


How does docBrain bring value to Partner sales teams?

  • Open new doors by introducing docBrain's unique AI technology and innovative approach for solving document processing challenges

  • Leverage partner's existing portfolio of AI technology - e.g. speech, bots, RPA

  • Enhance value to partner's product and services portfolio

  • Develop new opportunities in the sales pipelines and create new revenue streams

  • Provide up-sell and cross-sell opportunities through built-in incentives for partners to scale-up and accelerate docBrain solutions

  • Moonoia's AI experts contribute deep subject matter expertise when co-selling with partner's client pursuit teams

docBrain is not only a powerful platform and set of easy-AI tools. docBrain and its ecosystem provide a foundation for rethinking organizational strategy and redesigning business processes.