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 Documents are changing and so is data extraction



 Multi-format documents

As of 2020, a lot more than documents is changing. Customer behavior, personal lifestyles and the way we work have all been disrupted.  The "new normalcy", if yet to be defined, is already posing new challenges to organizations of all sizes everywhere around the globe over how they process and manage information.



Use cases

When it comes to data extraction, there is no "one-size-fits-all" answer. docBrain is at the core of many vertical solutions and automated business processes for the banking, insurance, health care, and other document-rich industries, each tailored to solve specific document challenges.

Medical claim forms processing

Handwriting recognition
Medical documents processing

docBrain was used to capture physicians’ handwriting, enhance the operational efficiency of a large health insurance fund and reimburse millions of citizens faster and more accurately

Bulk invoice packages processing

Extraction & Classification
Invoice and financial documents processing

docBrain custom solution for invoice package processing features neural network modules trained to do document type classification, packages split, data extraction and validation

ID verification for KYC processes

Data extraction & Validation
Identity documents processing

Trained AI models read input images, determine where exactly the ID card is in the image, extract and corroborate data for further processing within the customer back office system

Arabic handwritten legislative documents

Arabic handwriting recognition
Arabic script documents processing

docBrain can extract data from old legislative documents handwritten in Arabic

Old engineering drawings & documents

Image enhancement
Old engineering documents and drawings processing

docBrain trained neural networks extract and unlock data from old, deteriorated engineering documents and hand drawings

Unstructured document archiving

Layout analysis
Unstructured historical documents processing

Training for data structure and classification includes document type recognition, taxonomy and intelligent cropping of document zones


How does docBrain benefit today's business processes?


Automate data capture and validation

Monitor data quality from input to output

Read handwritten documents with unparalleled accuracy using

proven, pre-trained models

Improve the quality of existing scans

Reduce manual document handling and CAPEX by automating key steps of the document workflow

Refocus employees on higher value tasks

Remove friction from complex document workflows



AI Recognition as a Service

The CONSUME stage of the docBrain platform is a production environment where all models and pipelines become ready for customer use.

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Empower your technology solutions, enable business continuity and win new customers by leveraging AI to solve complex document challenges

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Embed docBrain alongside existing technology to fill efficiency gaps, automate up to 80% of manual tasks, reduce costs and supercharge processes

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docBrain is easy to implement and use, helping you to streamline processes, solve specific pain points and accelerate digital transformation