About us

AI is our passion, but our roots are in document processing. Early on when streamlining Moonoia's own BPO operations, we realized the power which AI could bring in solving complex document processing challenges. As we harnessed, developed and evolved AI technology for our own business, we envisioned how Moonoia could adapt our purpose-built AI solution for a wider community of customer and partners. And so in 2015, Moonoia created our award-winning technology, docBrain.


We are a multi-cultural team whose diversity enables us to share unique perspectives, deep AI subject matter expertise and a wide breadth of experience with our clients. Although many of our team members call Brussels home, we live and work all over the globe supporting customers and partners with their digital transformation projects.    



The docBrain technology is launched as multi-purpose AI platform and Moonoia evolves from a local BPO service provider into an international AI software vendor

  • AI Recognition as a Service 
  • Up to 100% accuracy
  • Ready-to-use or ready-to-train neural network models


docBrain proves its value and reliability via point solutions with over a hundred million inquiries per year

  • Straight-through processing for up to 80% of operations
  • Fully automated and close to 100% recognition on medical claim forms


Challenged by the difficulty of processing ever-increasing amounts of unstructured, sensitive data with market available OCR tools requiring lots of manual validation, Moonoia develops docBrain to improve accuracy and production performance figures 

  • Introduction of deep learning in the document flow (recognition & validation stages)
  • docBrain proof of concept yields promising results on handwritten documents
  • Artificial intelligence succeeds where traditional OCR had been failing
  • Distributed server technologies for advanced and scalable document analysis and recognition


Moonoia is founded in 2011 as an agile scanning bureau for large health care organizations

  • Workflow-centered document management solutions
  • In-house developed software solutions