Using AI to Transform Finance - event hosted by Moonoia & EY Belgium

Mar 7, 2019 3:57:20 PM

Together with EY Belgium, we will discuss how AI-powered capture helps companies within the FSI sector to fill efficiency gaps, automate manual tasks and supercharge entire business process. 

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The FSI (Financial Services and Insurance) sector is projected to gain no less than $1trillion by 2030 from using artificial intelligence and robotic process automation to accelerate digital transformation. 

Moonoia is using deep learning neural networks to process financial documents and extract data with unparalleled accuracy even from the most difficult to read images. 


Bart Dumon (Partner, EY)

"EY on Automation | Meeting tomorrow's customer needs depends on how you process your structured - and unstructured - documents"

Christophe Castan (Head of Artificial Intelligence, AXA)

"Success story: Know Your Customer | Training a neural network model to automatically extract data from national IDs with above-human accuracy"

Luc Cavelier (Business Development, Moonoia)

"AI Recognition as a Service | Introducing docBrain, the only AI platform that allows AI model training to create custom solutions for industry-specific document challenges"

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