[AIIM Trends Report]: Intelligent Information Management

Oct 2, 2017 11:09:00 AM

With the next AIIM Executive Leadership Council meeting happening in London this week, I thought it would be a good moment to look at what defines the new age of intelligent information management. As a member of AIIM ELC, Moonoia attended the previous ELC summit where we had a lively discussion about the opportunities - and potential risks - of AI. We were of course happy with the findings:

Artificial intelligence, if among today’s most misunderstood terms, will ultimately become the primary driver for the next wave of innovation - in Information Management and beyond.

Download the AIIM Trendscape Report

Regarding Artificial Intelligence, it was suggested that today it is in fact “artificial cleverness”, as it requires uniquely skilled people to put the policy, technology and processes in place (Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Deep Analysis). Only through this know-how and cleverness will we be able to take advantage of AI capabilities baked into the platforms and systems on which to build. At Moonoia, we couldn't agree more: our solutions are never "out-of-the-box" and require a lot of human intelligence to create the efficient algorithms and to provide the initial training.

There are many other interesting findings in the report - about Artificial Intelligence but also about Blockchain, Cloud, Data vs. Content, etc. - that I will let you discover for yourselves and that I am excited to hear more about this week.

Enjoy reading the report and tell me what you think. How do you see AI and deep learning changing our future?

To learn more about AI and deep learning solutions for data extraction, document classification and information management, visit us at www.moonoia.com.

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