AI empowers Universities in their admission process

Aug 1, 2023 12:37:04 PM

Applying to universities or high schools can feel like an overwhelming task, with the need to submit various documents, including academic records, recommendation letters, personal statements, and standardised test scores. Admissions teams face significant challenges, especially in large universities where thousands of students apply yearly. Processing these documents manually has been difficult due to their diverse formats and layouts. However, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has ushered in new possibilities, enabling institutions to automate parts of the process through AI document processing. This blog article will explore the importance of application documents, the obstacles admissions teams face, and how AI can revolutionise their operations, making the journey smoother for all.

Documents, Data, and Decisions

Application documents serve as windows into applicants' qualifications, achievements, and potential, carrying vital information about their academic journey and aspirations. Universities and high schools typically require identity documents, academic records, recommendation letters, motivation letters, language assessment test results, and more. Initially, the admission process involves confirming the submission of all required documents, extracting data from each of them, and cross-checking the information to ensure it pertains to the same applicant. This manual process is laborious and prone to errors, creating challenges for admissions officers.

AI at work

AI document processing considerably reduces the manual effort involved in the admissions process. Leveraging AI algorithms, institutions can now automate the extraction of information from documents and efficiently categorise and organise them. With data extraction, verification, and cross-checking taking mere seconds, the application processing becomes faster, and the administrative burden is significantly reduced. AI document processing empowers admissions officers with comprehensive and organised data, automating the initial screening and analysis of documents. This allows officers to focus on the more nuanced aspects of candidate evaluation and decision-making, ensuring a more objective assessment of applicants.

Transform the process, empower the people.

Application documents are pivotal in admissions, offering essential insights into candidates' qualifications and potential. The rise of AI document processing presents a transformative opportunity for institutions to streamline their admissions procedures. They are leveraging the power of machines to enhance human capabilities in analysis and decision-making.

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