AI Master Class

March 31 - April 3, Brussels South, Belgium

It's time to take your AI skills to the next level.

Welcome to Moonoia's AI Master Class - Machine Learning Skills & Hands-On Training in a Live AI Environment, a program for machine learning, data science, project and solution engineering professionals within the global AI community.

Join professional peers from a range of industry, technology and research organizations across the globe for a deep-dive into the latest AI developments, opportunities and technology.


Why you should attend:

  • There is still a remarkable amount of debate around what AI can and can't do, despite years of progress and growing maturity across the industry. This course will help you separate hype from reality, focusing on high-value deliverables and AI-powered outcomes.

  • There is rapid demand for business use cases leveraging AI-enabled technology. But business stakeholders still struggle to measure the impact and ROI of AI-based solutions. This course focuses on how to maximize business value of your AI investments and includes post-sales consultancy and AI project support.

  • How does AI technology compliment your existing business applications to accelerate value creation? This course focuses on mission critical processes and applications where AI enhances Intelligent Automation solutions and your organization’s business transformation strategy.


Overview of course components:



2-Day Training


4-Day Training 

Who should attend?

Everyone including business leaders, consultants, project and solution managers


Technology teams including developers, integrators, data analysts and other technical profiles

Explore & Demystify: Gain a conceptual understanding of the different kinds of intelligence by looking at the evolution and predicted growth of AI and its existing technologies


Scope & Apply: Identify and lead high-value AI projects for your business processes


Experiment & Deploy: Deep dive AI platform (docBrain) training in sandbox environment - build, train, tune, deploy


Integrate & Maintain: Challenges and approaches to business rule engines, quality assurance over time, cloud, security, threats, billing, KPIs 


Sandbox with pre-trained models in hosted trial environment for AI model training and experimentation



Training packages are modular and inclusive of:

  • Pre-training course materials
  • Pre-course onboarding session
  • Post-course AI technical support 
  • Post-course consultancy and AI project management support
  • Catering, lodging and local transport


The AI Master Class is a personalized, on-site learning experience with limited capacity. Register below to learn more about the training packages.

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