Processing medical claim forms with artificial intelligence

Workshops AI

"Processing medical claim forms with Artificial Intelligence" - introducing the seminaries for innovation leaders in health insurance.

 handwriting recognition

AI-powered Data Extraction

Advanced image correction, automatic document classification and unparalleled recognition rates through Deep Learning Neural Networks.

 forms processing

Intelligent Information Management

End-to-end Business Process Outsourcing services for organisations in paper-intensive industries.

 electronic document management solutions

Electronic Document Management solutions

Whether you need to implement a new document conversion program or improve your current one, Moonoia is your one-stop shop, providing unique solutions tailored to optimize all of your content processes.

 AI data capture document classification

Intelligent data capture and document indexation

Moonoia uses neural networks to accelerate your document workflows through unprecedented content recognition and automated classification.




Moonoia is an AIIM certified solution provider a member of the ELC think tank.

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