Join us at this extraordinary event to meet leaders in different industries and

discover the latest Artificial Intelligent innovations!  


About the EventThe very first edition of AI Convention Europe 2018 will be an extraordinary occasion that brings together professionals, vendors, thought leaders and enthusiasts to discover latest AI innovations across a wide variety of industries, including Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education and Government.

A full-day of conferences, workshops, showcases and exchanges from around and beyond the Belgian AI world will provide attendees with further insights about issues, challenges and opportunities which AI impacts. Attendees will learn how to create the best conditions for AI training and learning and how to adapt the latest AI trends and technologies into real use cases for private and public sector organisations. 

This year AI Convention Europe is being held at the BluePoint Brussels - 80 Bd Auguste Reyers, 1030 Brussels Belgium on a full day of 4th October, 2018. 

Moonoia - Contextor - Shoot and Prove* - together with the revolutionary end-to-end document processing KAPTAIN solution - are participating as a proud Platinum Sponsor for this event. 

KAPTAIN is a revolutionary document processing solution combining the unparalleled extraction capabilities of deep neural networks with the accessibility of a customer mobile application and the large-scale efficiency of robotic process automation. KAPTAIN optimises each step of your document-centric workflow, from the initial data capture to the final back-office task design. 

To solve your document-related challenges in the era of big data, KAPTAIN relies on a three-party collaboration between independent software vendors and mobile application developers.

Moonoia is the creator of docBrain, award-winning AI technology and platform for handwriting recognition and data extraction. Moonoia excels in processing unstructured content - particularly in reading complex documents which contain cursive, non-constrained handwriting and in extracting data from low quality images or deteriorated paper.

Shoot and Prove* is a cross-platform, mobile application that allows users to capture documents, validate a transaction or sign a document and produce an electronic original result that will be sent automatically to the requesters for further processing.

Contextor is a robotic process automation pioneer since 2000. It equipped dozens of large companies with about 100,000 bots that improve the efficiency of their business processes in banking, financial services, insurance, telecom, utilities, public services, etc. Contextor aims to seamlessly introduce AI technologies in its customers’ day-to-day operations.

Make sure you pay us a visit at our KAPTAIN Booth and attend our presentation at 11:30am in Conference Room 1! 

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If you want to know more about KAPTAIN, docBrain and Moonoia before the event, you can always Contact us.

* Note (May 2023): Shoot and Prove is an external partner. Their solution does not exist under this format anymore. Other versions of similar solutions exist though.