Business Process Outsourcing

Document Scanning, Backfile Conversion, Mailroom Process Automation


Moonoia is a one-stop shop offering end-to-end digital transformation services to companies and organisations looking to stay ahead in the digital age while eliminating discontinuities in today's ever more disrupted business environments. 


Whether you want to implement an entirely new document conversion system or just improve your current one, you have the possibility to optimise your daily processes selectively by implementing only the modules you need. 


You can choose a time interval in your company history and digitize all paper documents from that period, or you can opt for day-forward scanning services and digitize incoming documents right when they arrive. Or you can do both. 

Collect, capture, classify, manage

Each solution is unique and services are highly customisable while they still follow the typical stages of a document lifecycle: 

Business process outsourcing BelgiumCollect / Pick-up

From your file cabinet to our storage facility, Moonoia ensures the secure and organised collection and transportation of paper documents. Anywhere in Belgium, ready to pick up at your convenience. Loading and unloading are carried out by our background-checked employees.

We deliver empty boxes and barcode indentification stickers as part of a security and anonymity protocol.

Business process outsourcing BelgiumPre-scanning document preparation

A dedicated team within our Operations Department focuses exclusively on document selection and preparation.

Folders are first categorized according to the barcode stickers applied during the pick-up stage. Staples, paperclips and post-it notes are removed. Documents are straightened, repaired if torn and turned (rotated) for more accurate scanning. Separators are inserted. 

Large formats (A3), as well as atypical formats (Medical Attesations), are isolated for special treatment, which is also automatised. 


 Business process outsourcing BelgiumScanning 

The Moonoia Operations Department also includes a scanning-dedicated team which, during the busy autumn months of our healthcare customers, counts up to 15 full-time employees. Scanning can be completed either at your location of choice or on our own premises which are fully equipped for the secure handling and storage of high volumes of paper. 

Moonoia uses latest-generation machinery created by the world-class manufacturers of high-volume, high-speed scanners: one IBML ImageTrac scanner and three BancTec IntelliScan XDS scanners.

 Business process outsourcing Belgium

AI-powered recognition and classification

Years of expertise in transforming paper documents into digital files has made it possible for Moonoia to develop its own data extraction technology: docBrain uses Deep Learning Neural Networks to achieve unparalleled recognition rates for handwriting. The engine has been trained to read not just any handwriting, but that of medical practitioners, after capturing millions of Medical Attesations for some of the largest Health Insurance companies in Belgium.

Neural networks automatically classify documents, reducing the need of error-prone manual classification. 

Business process outsourcing BelgiumArchiving and storage for physical and digital files

Should you ever want your paper documents back once scanning is complete, Moonoia provides a complete storage, retrieval and delivery service for all types of files, be they active business files or part of an older archive. Records may be requested as an entire box or as a single file. 

The Moonoia facility occupies more than 1000 square meters and it is in line with security regulations specific to your industry. 

As part of its end-to-end Electronic Document Management services, Moonoia can also host your digital images on its own datacentre. dataBang, our in-house developed EDM platform, includes a retrieval/ storage module. 

Business process outsourcing BelgiumSecure and confidential document destruction

Digital transformation may imply letting go of paper completely. While some companies still pay for deep storage services for archives which are rarely, if ever, needed to be retrieved on physical support, more and more paper-intensive organisations choose to destruct their files a short while after digitisation.

In other cases, security regulations or simply the need for more office space make companies resort to document destruction services. Moonoia offers a fully compliant destruction services.  

Business process outsourcing BelgiumEnd-to-end services, end-to-end monitoring

Moonoia's on-premise Electronic Document Management solution allows you to track the process of a particular document along each step of the workflow.

The module is called Track&Trace and ensures flawless automation via 143 different sensors, providing real-time visibility and control.

Professional services - A collaborative approach for adaptive solutions

We are in the business of automation, yet we have no two identical solutions when it comes to outsourcing business processes. Not when it implies handling your enterprise content. Two companies operating in the same industry, subjected to the same regulatory compliance and working with the same standard forms will eventually need different solution. These are tailored according to:

  • volumes
  • pain points
  • existing ERP systems
  • company lifecycle
  • business requirements
  • long-term vision and objectives
  • industry sector
  • use case
  • maturity level
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