A zettabyte era child

The world was not only preparing for a new decade and a new economic order, but - most importantly - for a new information era. The zettabyte threshold had been crossed for the first time in history, as our society - individuals and businesses - produced and consumed 1.2 trillion gigabytes of data that year.

Soludoc is founded in Brussels, Belgium. An agile scanning bureau born right into a time when cost efficiency and transformation readiness became the new strategic imperatives for companies of all sizes facing an uncertain, post-recession European business climate.

Soludoc evolves from a provider of workflow-centric EDM solutions provider into a creator of deep learning technologies, all while demonstrating its ability to scale up. It reaches full operational excellence and lives up to the expectations of an ever larger and more demanding client base.

Soludoc uses Deep Learning Neural Networks to develop docBrain, a recognition engine demonstrating exceptionally high success rates with handwriting. 

The bureau changes identity and becomes Moonoia. Investing in R&D from day one and training on millions of documents every year makes it possible to create and perfect competitive software solutions which go beyond scanning services. New capabilities, new opportunities, new vision.